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10 good reasons for taking a  closer look and view this site in details
  1. We manufacture fishing lures  for ocean and fresh water fishing. more than 80 pages  of lures from metal to soft gels.

  2. We manufacture fishing rods and accessories from Big games rods to ultra light rods.-45 pages of rod for your review.

  3. Your one stop fishing tackle supplier- reduce your logistic headache.

  4. Owner and sales staff communicate in English fluently. Avoid  misunderstanding   and  doubts. On call 12/7

  5. Products come with warranty against manufacturing fault.

  1. Pivate branding or labeling available.

  2. On line price list- prices at your finger tip view 24/7.

  3. Transparent and honest sales transaction- reference available.

  4. Fair and competitive pricing.

  5. Consistent quality.

Manufacturing Programe:
  1. Osprey is our  House brand name
  2. We also handle OEM under Private branding.
  3. Manufacturing as per customer's design
  • Propriety right-- all customised items will not be make known to others. 

  • One stop supplies for all your fishing requirements. No more logistic headache and save on shipping cost.

  • Email and fax might not be able to convey your ideas or instructions fully. A call to us  and you will feel at home.

Introducing 2013/14 New fishing tackle click to view
This items will be display at the forthcoming Canton fair 2013-
 Guanghzou ,China ,31st Nov-4th Nov.

  • Osprey  will be in the Canton fair 3rd phrase  31st Oct to 4th Nov 2013.  Booth Nos at the autumn canton fair.:- 3.2K13 ( hall 3.2. Lane K,  Booth 13)
    Venue: Pazhou complex, Guangzhou, China
Pro Fishing supplies service mission
  • Proven Quality fishing lures >>at a price to improve your sales

  • Premium grade fishing lures>>References from long time customers available for review.
  • we undertake to replace items if there is any manufacturing fault or Mistake on any items shipped.

  • Effective communication.-  Plant  and operations might be in china/ BUT  sales and management staff from Singapore, fully at ease in written and spoken English.
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    Use Skype if you need Instant response .
    ( Do note we on GMT+8hr time zone)

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Resolve your Logistic headache, we  offer a one stop supply for all your fishing requirement.  For items like 


 Fishing rods: Spinning rods, Casting rod, Fly rods, Game rods, Trolling rods, Jigging rods, Telescopic rods.  


We handle Wholesales only- NO retail.

Wholesales price list online. Email us for the link .
We do not handle retail, therefore shopping cart is not available.

For users Please view our distributors in your area

Fishing reels: Spinning reel, Bait runner, game reel, trolling reel, casting reel, Fly Reel, ice fishing reel, mini reel. reels with led light around the rotor

Osprey fishing reels : spinning from 3 to 12bb, casting reel with brake, game reel and bait caster and fly reels

Trolling lures: Clear Poly carbon head trolling lures, Brass head trolling lures,
Soft and semi soft head trolling lures. Jet head trolling lures.   Teasers

trolling lures ranging from clear poly head to brass and alu jet head with UV skirts

Soft gel swim baits and jigging lures: Trout, herring, salmon, whit, perch, mud skipper, dog fish, pike. flying fish, bait fish.
soft gel swim bait: trout, pike, perch, white, bait fish, fingering and shad
Wobblers/cranbaits.: Fish shape from 10mm to 200mm.. Frogs, beetles, grass hoppers. Alternative model- wobblers anodized finish
                                                            perfect swim action wobblers from 1/2 in to 12in
Soft gel lures: Curly, squid skirt, octopus, worms, shad, prawns , gecko,
, beetles, eel, garfish, crabs, fingering, cuttlefish

soft gel lures more than 80 varieties. Make from TSR/pvc make for durability

Jerk fishing lures : make from compressed foam.
floating and sinking models
. Including mouse make from rabbit skin

hard compressed form jerk lures from 4 to 12in. with and without soft tail, floater and sinkers

Jigging lures: Lead fish:30g to 500g. Jigging rigs, Squid jigs, other rigs
and sabiki jigs.

sabiki rigs, squid jigs and other jigging rigs lead fish jigging jigs- croc84

Fishing Accessories: Game fishing accessories, alarm, garments, fish finder, handy tools, tackle boxes, rod pod and racks, rod and lure bags, landing and keep nets, traps and floats, thongs and pliers, fishing umbrella. Deck rod holder.

fishing accessories ranging from handy tools, to outdoor gears , big fishing accessories

Fishing Electronics: Bite indicators, led lights for lures and traps, electronic wobblers/ trolling lures and squid jigs. Underwater camera and gripper, head lamps, led light for lures.

fishing electronic gadgets: bite alarm, digital fish finder, underwater camera with gripper, electronic lures and lights.

Fishing gift sets: Pen rods combo, caps with lights,

gift sets pen rods and other samll compact rods sets combo

Tackle: Jig heads, mono line and braided lines, wire lines and leaders, floats sinkers, hooks and swivels. crack lights

fishing tackle from floats to sinkers , hooks and jig heads , mono line and braided line and wire

Solar powered Lures

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